Smart home in the sanitary sector: Appsfactory develops app for Duravit

Appsfactory has created the SensoWash® app as a digital companion for ultra-modern shower toilets for Duravit, a manufacturer of designer bathrooms. Shower toilets, which function as a combined toilet and bidet, are becoming increasingly
popular as more and more users recognise the advantages of hygienic and thorough cleansing with water as an alternative to toilet paper. This is not only hygienic and thorough, but also environmentally friendly.

Access to the full range of functions of SensoWash® systems via app

With the SensoWash® app, owners can now access all features of their shower toilet via their smartphone. At the same time, the innovative Duravit SensoWash® systems are seamlessly integrated into the smart home. The app permits control of all the basic functions that can be accessed via remote control – including the innovative shower toilet’s automatic bidet and ladies’ intimate shower functions, warm air dryer and odour extraction system. In addition, some functions are  accessible exclusively via the app. These include the configuration of the night light function which, in addition to the flexible energy saving mode, ensures sustainable use of the SensoWash® systems. These functions are available before, during and after the use of SensoWash® systems and also include the precise
adjustment of the shower nozzle, the perfect temperature of the air dryer and water and control over the intensity of the shower function.

Individualisation and sustainability

In addition, users can adapt the toilet to their own needs with individualised profiles. Features such as the descaling function or the touch-free opening of the lid simultaneously increase usability and hygiene. The individual adjustment of the temperature of the seat heating makes the use of the toilet as pleasant as possible even during the winter months.

Appsfactory is delighted to offer users of the Duravit SensoWash® app with additional smart home features a combination of comfort, high-quality, state-of-the-art personal care and sustainability!

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