New Pocket Academy App: “100 Video Tips on iOS 8 for iPad & iPhone“

Working on behalf of falkemedia digital GmbH, APPSfactory has developed an app container that serves as a basis for a series of educational apps. Three very successful apps have already been developed, with video tips on how to use Apple operating systems iOS 7, Mavericks and iOS 8, while another app in the series helps golfers improve their handicaps using the Kagami method. Additional apps are in preparation.


 “The example offered by the Pocket Academy apps demonstrates the great commercial potential that app series represent. A lot of publishers concentrate too much on developing individual apps instead of thinking in terms of series, like in print media,“ observes Dr. Alexander Trommen, APPSfactory CEO. Early on, APPSfactory focused on its content management system for apps in order to exploit the potential that app series offer with newspapers, travel guides, reference books and other non-fiction works. This made possible cost-effective app publishing at prices comparable to eBooks.


Immediately after its release, the current Pocket Academy app “100 Video Tips on iOS 8 for iPad & iPhone“ went to no. 1 in the category “education” at iTunes and no. 3 in overall rankings. As with its predecessors, the app provides an optimum level of support in working with the latest version of Apple OS. Neatly arranged by category and perfect for occasional use while on the go, 100 videos, each twenty seconds to three minutes in length, explain every iOS 8 function precisely and clearly. The app provides descriptions and explanations of both highlights and basics as well as all the functionalities associated with each individual feature. What makes the app especially handy is that it lets users save cool features and other new things they come across as favorites that can be shared with friends via messenger, mail or Twitter. The app also makes all tips available in text form for reference later on and shows users how much they’ve learned, so they can continuously track their individual progress.


All apps in the Pocket Academy series are available for downloading at the iTunes App Store. The new app with video tips for iOS 8 is now available for just 2.69€, while the other three apps are free, with the option of obtaining selected content through in-app purchase.

Their top-place listing in App Store rankings is proof of just how popular this app series is among users – APPSfactory hopes you have lots of fun exploring all the new and exciting iOS 8 features!

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