Automated customer processes for rental apartments: Appsfactory implements “My Vonovia” to optimize customer service

With apartments for almost a million people, Vonovia is one of the largest housing companies in Germany. The new app “My Vonovia”, implemented by Appsfactory, offers tenants a platform for a more efficient exchange with their landlords. The app modernizes customer service and improves transparency of all matters relating to rental contracts and apartments. Vonovia, a service provider for a large number of tenants, is thus able to respond faster and provide customer service round the clock.

Above all, the new app is intended to be transparent and practical. Developers of the native app for iOS and Android focused, therefore, on a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. The central service area of the app provides tenants with a number of practical services that facilitate a straightforward exchange. The app makes it easy to make appointments, arrange a callback, retrieve certificates, submit complaints, or report malfunctions. Customers can track the current status of their inquiries and repair jobs at any time. They can also view personal contract data and documents in their own inbox. Any issues that arise can thus be directly processed and solved. Incidental rental expenses can also be paid directly in the app.

The neighbourhood area of the app offers another interactive function that aims at improving communication. Tenants can use this area to exchange information with neighbours or flatmates.

Appsfactory wishes all app users a comfortable living in their homes!

17. March 2020
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