Appsfactory releases the new “beurer CalmDown” app to complement the Beurer stress releaZer connected device

A few days ago, the new “beurer CalmDown” app, an innovative relaxation aid, was released in app Stores for iOS and Android. The mobile app was developed by Beurer for use with the Beurer stress releaZer connected device. Users can reduce stress and find inner peace with targeted breathing training using the innovative relaxation app and the device with a vibration function, which can be personalised with light, music and binaural sounds.

Stress as a frequent cause of physical and mental illness

Since the mid-1990s, the number of sick days due to mental illness from long-term stress has almost tripled. Stress has a negative effect on health and can lead to heart disease and sleep disorders. To counteract this, the Beurer stress releaZer offers the possibility of reducing inner restlessness through targeted breathing training.

Innovative app for the human body as whole: body, mind and soul

The innovative “beurer CalmDown” app is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and is intended to help the user to find balance on the basis of research by Christopher Gordon, who has been working on the issues of stress and pain for years. The breathing training method is scientifically proven to help with restlessness and stress. The app works on the basis of heart rate variability, which illustrates the ability of the human body to adapt the frequency of the heart rhythm to different life situations. The Beurer stress releaZer provides a special breathing rhythm through which the body’s resilience in the face of stress and strain can be increased.

Perfectly tailored to the user – for the best possible result

The “beurer CalmDown” app, which is compatible with the device, gives the user three different breathing frequencies to choose from, and a special breathing rhythm test can be used to find out which frequency best suits the individual. To start, a six-week training programme is recommended, gradually increasing the duration and frequency of the exercises. Vibration, heat and a light ring, which acts as mood light, support users with their breathing training. In addition, the user can set reminders for their individual programmes. A weekly evaluation of personal stress levels and direct feedback after each training session help users analyse their own stress perception and understand it better.

Appsfactory wishes users of the new “beurer CalmDown” app maximum success with their training and a stress-free everyday life!

11. March 2019
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