Appsfactory creates “Sport im Osten” app for public broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) with live stream and interactive voting feature

The “SpiO”, or “Sport im Osten” app (English: “Sports in the East”) created by Appsfactory for the public broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) successfully keeps sports fans from the newly formed German states up to date at all times. Be it football, handball, boxing, volleyball, ice hockey or basketball: the interactive app combines the most important information from the world of sports in Eastern Germany, providing a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming sporting events. Dr Alexander Trommen, CEO at Appsfactory, emphasises the app’s surprising success: “Immediately after its release, the app took the number 1 spot among all apps in the sports category in Germany, both in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. This demonstrates that TV stations can successfully expand their reach with new apps!”
For an efficient, innovative implementation of the app, the Appsfactory development team converted MDR’s existing Webview app into a native application. The Android version of the app was implemented by the film production company MCS Sachsen, while MDR was responsible for its design. The mobile app’s design was created using the modular MDR app framework developed by Appsfactory.

In functional terms, the “Sport im Osten” app offers users a wide range of new features: the menu item “Live” highlights current regional sporting events and provides an overview of all past events. A detailed live ticker and the live stream function for games and press conferences make athletes’ hearts beat faster, also allowing them to experience live events as an audio or video live stream while on the move. The ticker for regional football matches also offers a voting function for entries, creating an additional, interactive level between fans and the sport. Fans can also choose their favourite club and enjoy filtered information displayed for it. In a future version of the app, this option will also be included in the menu item “News”. In addition, users will find detailed statistics, tables and matchday histories. Selected video clips and press releases can be viewed in the “News” section. Chief editor Matthias Reiz, from “Sport im Osten”, was impressed with the new app: “The developers at the Appsfactory have put a racing car among sport apps in our garage, and all we need to do is take it out for the occasional editorial drive. So we’re trying to do this every day and are having so much fun with our new toy, which was also very well received by users. I think we’ve hit the jackpot.”

Appsfactory wishes all users, fans and sports enthusiasts great fun with the new app – here’s to sports for all!

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